Looking for oysters for your restaurant, raw bar or holiday party? W&T Seafood is a family-run distributor that specializes in premium shellfish. Over the last 25 years, we've grown from a small retail space to working with NYC's leading chefs and retailers. We also offer online shopping, events and oyster shucking classes for the bivalve-curious. Bring us your questions!

Shellfish Fridays: New Retail Hours 4-7 pm

We're offering fresh oysters, shellfish and an array of seafood-centric gifts and kitchen tools! Drop by Brooklyn on Fridays for our walk-in retail hours, or order online to specify another pickup date.

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Fun Fact of the Day

Sashimi is a Japanese dish of raw fish or shellfish, sliced very thinly. The fish pieces can be arranged as flower petals or other patterns, and served with shredded daikon or shiso leaves.

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